Ice cream

Unframed is an artisanal ice cream maker. “Artisan” means we make healthy ice cream from scratch, in small batches, from real and sustainable food.

We care about making the world’s best ice cream — including dairy-based, fruit-based sorbets, and nut-based vegan options. We also incorporate an array of superfoods as toppings and flavours like our famous “Blue Coconut” made with Blue Spirulina.

Our ice cream includes all-natural tastes that are sometimes subtle and sometimes complex, always with an obsession towards the perfect texture.

We serve classic flavors, often with a twist… and we love to take you off the beaten track to discover new and extraordinary combinations.

At any given time, we have 10 flavors on display that rotate depending on seasons, inspiration, and supply. We keep at least two sorbets and three vegan flavors at all times.

We’re very proud of our local roots in Cape Town, South Africa.